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Sabine provides ontological coaching in form of life, leadership, transpersonal/spiritual, and meditation coaching for individuals. All of the sessions provide sensitive, trusting, and confidential space to explore your personal transformational potential. Coaching facilitates to inquire into what holds you back and opens co-creative spaces of new ways of knowing. In the coaching process you can explore what makes you feel authentic, embodied, and deeply fulfilled. The ontological coaching approach involves the whole person - body, emotions, feelings, thinking, and talking.  

During the global COVID-19 pandemic all coaching sessions are offered online via Zoom. 

For setting up a discovery or your first coaching session please send an email to the Manager. You will receive the online calendar link to select a time. You may request one pro-bono (free) coaching discovery session. 

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Life Coaching

Sometimes we are stuck in "old" patterns of thinking or behavior that does not fit current circumstances at work, organizations, family or partnerships. We may be faced with conflict or situations in which we feel trapped, helpless, deeply dissatisfied or completely stuck. These situations keep us in their grip and prevent us to crack-open to get that work promotion or find deeper meaning in life. Life coaching allows to explore new possibilities. The purpose of coaching is to produce learning that generates change.

We embrace an ontological whole-person coaching approach. This kind of coaching enables to move beyond perceived life problems, learn to better understand yourself and human interactions in a fully embodied fashion. You can learn how to become your own life coach.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching is a professional relationship between a trained coach and a client with the goal to enhance the client’s leadership or management performance and development. Through a process of inquiry, dialogue, and other tools, the coach serves as a thought partner to help the client examine and develop his/her/other decision-making, experiment with new ways of thinking and being, and commit to action steps that help achieve the client’s goals.


Transpersonal Spiritual Coaching

Discover your transpersonal potentials and explore psycho-spiritual questions that nag you. Transpersonal psychology adopts a whole person approach aiming to integrate mind, body, heart, subtle energies, and consciousness. Coaching helps to unlock "old ways of knowing" or "ways of living life that do not serve you well anymore". Learn, grow, discover, and transform yourself. Find new meaning in a world experienced as surreal, eerie, strange, gray, or mysterious. Touch awe and embody a life that feels real and authentic to you. The transpersonal coach will facilitate to co-create novel transpersonal (non-ordinary) ways of knowing.   

Meditation Coaching

Meditation is offered in form of groups, programs, trainings in secular format (e.g. mindfulness-based stress reduction), McMindfulness settings, religious and spiritual traditions (e.g. Vipassana, Zen, Tibetan Buddhism), and online meditation tools and apps. Some of you only practice meditation at home on the cushion. The buffet style of mindfulness meditation offerings can be confusing and sometimes our practice may feel stale and stuck, even for long-term meditation practitioners. Group settings often do not provide sufficient time for one-on-one interaction with the teacher or personal questions. Books and listening to guided meditations do not provide space to talk with somebody about your meditation experiences and how they relate to your life. 


Meditation coaching provides space to explore your personal meditation/mind-body practices, questions that relate to your individual meditation experiences, and the goals or path you may wish to pursue (secular, religious, spiritual, New Age, or other). A meditation coach helps you to reflect like a mirror and facilitates to see where you are stuck in your meditation practice. An integral approach will provide the framework to connect your personal meditation and life experiences to family, community, culture, larger collectives, morals, values, beliefs, worldviews, doctrinal religious views, sciences (e.g., neuroscience), spiritual paths and teachers, and more.  Explore life goals or a personalized spiritual path. Learn to integrate different dimensions (mind, body, heart, vital subtle energies, and consciousness).

Importantly, if you are in an acute psychological crisis or experience severe mental or emotional distress we strongly recommend you seek help from a licensed clinical psychotherapist or psychiatrist or call a crisis hotline. Coaching is not psychotherapy.  

Conscious Business Model

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Triple Bottom Line

Integral Transformations adopts the triple bottom line approach to attain sustainability. It aims to keep balance of three dimensions: (1) Profit (financial) to cover costs, (2) People (social), and (3) Planet / environment (strive for carbon neutrality; minimize the ecological footprint).  

The 3Ps are a conscious business strategy to be self-aware, aware of human beings, aware of the purpose/goals, and aware of the environment. Our value-based approach aims to support a multiplicity of transpersonal transformations for the greater good.  

Because we deeply care for people that face hardship and the suffering planet we offer scaled coaching services and occasional rounds of pro bono services (dana, gift).

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