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Get to Know Your Coach

Get to Know Your Coach


Sabine has received training in ontological  coaching from Integral Leadership and Coaching LLC for ACC certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF). 



She earned a Ph.D. in Integral and Transpersonal Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA.


Mindfulness Teacher

Sabine has served as the Director of the University of Florida Mindfulness Program (5/2015 - present) and has been teaching mindfulness meditation sessions and workshops. 



She completed the Authentic Leadership Graduate Certificate (Naropa University, Boulder, CO) in 2015 and Integral Studies Graduate Certificate (Fielding Graduate University, Santa Barbara, CA) in 2013. Dr. Grunwald has also engaged in various leadership trainings through the University of Florida. 


Dr. Grunwald has worked in academia for 25+ years. As Professor at the University of Florida she has gained extensive experience of the culture and climate in higher education. She has mentored graduate students and collaborated in numerous national and international environmental science and machine learning/AI research projects. 

Sabine Grunwald

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Passions and Love

Radical compassion and curiosity!  

I am a student of life - sometimes it seems to be a comedy, drama, just awe, ordinary, empty, or full. I love mindfulness meditation and pure awareness, Mahayana (loving-kindness) and Vajrayana practices. Deep dives into the mystery of who I and you really are have taught me humility. My passion is to study what I do not know and love the beauty and the good. 

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