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Publication List Mindfulness and Transpersonal Psychology

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  2. Grunwald S. 2021. Embodied liberation in Buddhism, participatory theory, and feminine spirituality: A metamodern critical hermeneutics. Dissertation, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA (pdf). Also available through ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global. 

  3. Grunwald S. 2021. Embodied liberation in participatory theory and Buddhist Modernism Vajrayāna. J. of Dharma Studies. doi:10.1007/s42240-021-00092-4.

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  5. Ardelt M. and S. Grunwald. 2018. The importance of self-reflection and awareness for human development in hard times. Research in Human Development J. 15(3-4): 187-199. doi:10.1080/15427609.2018.1489098.

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