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Pro Bono Service

Pro bono services denote work undertaken without charge, especially legal work for a client with a low income.

The phrase pro bono means "for the public good". The motivation for such services aiming for the greater good of all people has altruistic roots. Giving freely (or at substantial reduced price) is to foster more equal access to services to those that are marginalized and have suffered from oppression. 


In Buddhism, dāna refers to the giving of alms or charity to cultivate the virtue of generosity, specifically when an individual is in distress or need. Genuine generosity means giving with an open heart, which builds merit on the path to liberation and reduces suffering. Dāna practice cultivates compassion toward all beings. Giving dāna unconditionally is a personally transformational practice.  

Integral Transformations offers occasional rounds of pro bono services / dāna to the community for the greater good. If you are genuinely needy and like to receive the gift to be coached and listened to sign-up below. 

The merit of receiving a gift is free from greediness and self-centered desire.  

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