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A Contemporary Manifesto of the Feminine-in-Diversity

Updated: May 23, 2020

Donna J. Haraway's (1987) famous essay A Manifesto for Cyborgs critiqued traditional notions of feminism, specifically feminist ideas focused on identity politics, patriarchy, essentialism, and gender feminism. For Haraway rigid boundaries separate (e.g., boundaries between human-animal and human-machine) and create dualistic notions. Her cyborg theory proposes to fuse human (organic) and machine (material) and unite diffuse political coalitions based on affinity rather than identity. The Cyborg Manifesto advocates postmodern and anti-identity politics and has been viewed as a precursor of posthumanism and cyberfeminism.


My Manifesto Feminine-in-Diversity follows into the footsteps of Haraway’s cyborg metaphor and touches on the journey of the feminine and feminism.


Women, men, feminists, and anti-feminists come together in shared humanity.

Let go of the angry fire burning in first, second, and third feminist waves in the fight for equality.

Women are equal to man, and man are woman, we are all human citizens.

Feminine and masculine hybridized to feminine-masculine, fused, unified, one and the same.

The fight for the feminine has been courageous, radical, and fierce.

Against the supremacy of white privilege, the pestilence of patriarchy, and the phallus of masculine hybrid.

The global oppression and poverization of women are shameful tactics controlled by megalomaniacs.

Patriarchal power play —

Suppression of the feminine as an inferior vaginal function.

Menstruating bodies devalued as inferior to macho guys.

Women’s bodies beautified, commodified, and objectified.

Denigration of women as sexualized mantraps.

Woman’s psyche numb and fragmented.

Woman’s spirit separated from Spirit.

Embrace your feminine identity and female bodies with pride.

Women stand-up and liberate yourself!

Women are women, and the feminine is the feminine—do white men understand?

Men, women, LGBTQ+, black, colored, white, poor, rich—are all the same.

Intersectionality exposed and deconstructed, yet social construction of lived life is a blatant reality.

Loud feminine voices shouting, “No More”, women marching and protesting.

The army of #MeToo is pointing at you.

Feminist typologies and categories outdated and torn down in the postmodern rampage.

Gender essentialism refuted as a delusional game.

There is no truth anymore in postmodern culture, there is no women’s truth, there is no men’s truth.

Universal gender fluidity, dismantled racial boundaries, social and economic inequalities, happiness and well-being for all—a Utopian peaceful Shangri-La?

Patriarchal identity politics a delusion.

Women’s internalized inferiority and indifferent suffering—a dystopian vision aka Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Max, or George Orwell’s 1984?

Re-connection, restoration and re-framing of the feminine.

Feminine and masculine hybridized into feminine-masculine; fused, unified, one and the same; and yet different.

Emergence of the feminine-in-diversity, unity-in-diversity.

Non-existence of the feminine, and non-existence of the masculine. Social constructed illusions.

What matters are the consequences of lived life realizing wholeness,

irrespective of polarities such as woman-man, female-male, and feminine-masculine,

irrespective of singularities such as “man” or “patriarchy”,

irrespective of personal and social identities.

Recognition of the womb of our mother as the womb of the earth.

Honoring of intimate relationships that bring forth fullness and feeling fully alive.

Participation in the mystery of life with ecstatic joy, loving-kindness, and humbleness.

Co-creative participation brings forth a multiplicity of feminines.

Embodiment of all human dimensions—mind, body, spirit, and subtle energies.

Transcending self-centeredness to share openly and with trust.

Embodied spirituality in touch with the divine.

Empathic touch with immanent spiritual intuitive knowing.

Change the world to enact the greater good and build peaceful communities.

Beholding life as the sacred feminine so that love becomes Love, becomes LOVE.

Surrender into not knowing and unfolding of cosmic consciousness.

Just be the best person you can be.

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